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Recognised as the leader in digital transaction management, DocuSign is the trusted and secured digital transaction management (DTM) platform used by enterprises. Empowering more than 225,000 companies with 85 million users worldwide, DocuSign lets you send, track and sign documents anytime, anywhere on any device, reducing time spent on manual paper-based process. of approving documents.

E-signatures have been legalised in Singapore since 2010. Click here to read the full

Electronic Transactions Act

DocuSign allows you to:

  • Authenticate your documents with data encryption, making every document confidential and tamper-evident.
  • Compliance to the highest and broadest set of security standards.
  • Receive real-time reports of your document, including signatures of approved documents, log of approvals and related recipient actions.

Sign any documents of any file type

  • DocuSign supports documents of almost any file type including Microsoft Office applications – Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • DocuSign will automatically digitalize the file to pdf, saving time preparing your documents for signing.
  • Reduce document preparation time by creating templates for standard document with any of the supported file types.

Management & Complience

Check status and schedule, run reports, and see audit trails. You can always see where your document is in the signing process. Set automatic reminders and receive notifications at every step of the process.

Audit Trail
Track your document through every step of the process. DocuSign maintains a complete, automated history of every activity, including viewing, printing, sending, signing, or declining to sign a document.
Certificate of Completion
Every signed DocuSign document comes with a certificate of completion that provides proof of the signing process to all parties of the transaction. This certificate includes information from the audit trail, illustrating who signed, timestamps detailing when and where each person signed, and the completed document itself.

Making sure your signers are who they say they are. Multiple levels of authentication increase the thresholds required of signers to prove their identity before given access to documents.
– Email based authentication
– Access code authentication
– SMS authentication

All documents are digitally sealed with the industry standard technology, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). This Tamper Seal indicates the electronic signature is valid and that the document has not been tampered with after it was downloaded from DocuSign.

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